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    Your first step to starting your Ivy Tech education is to apply for admission—with no application fee. 我们已经尽可能地简化了! If you have never applied before or it’s been two years since you last applied, you will s点击这里开始. This page describes the process and tells you what you might want to later upload for your assessment. 从那里,你将点击“现在免费申请”按钮. 这是一个简单的过程!


    常春藤理工学院不要求在特定日期前申请. Instead, we offer five opportunities to start classes in January, March, June, August and October. 你可以从你生活中最合适的时间开始. 您的申请大约需要7-10个工作日来处理, 之后,你会收到一封录取通知书. If you do not hear back from us in that timeframe, call 招生 at 888 -葛线 (1-888-489-5463)查阅资料.

    我们接受网上申请. 如果这对你不起作用,你将需要改变 参观当地的校园.

  • 如何成为常青藤理工学院的学生

    Once you receive your acceptance letter, you will get instructions on what to do next. Below is a list of steps you will take to become and Ivy Tech student.

    1. 你的第一步是 设置你的MyIvy帐户,你会一直用它来获取学生信息.
    2. 与学校的招生专员见面(在这里找到当地校园的联系信息).
    3. 提交联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA).
    4. 提交成绩单 如果你最近完成了高中或大学课程.
    5. 检查一下你是否需要 知识的评估.
    6. 与你的朋友见面 职业教练.
    7. 与你的朋友见面 顾问.
    8. 注册课程.
    9. 支付课程费用 和/或建立一个 付款计划.


    如果你喜欢核对清单上的项目,你可以这样做 在这里下载一个方便的清单 that outlines the steps to completing enrollment and 类注册 and becoming an Ivy Tech student.


    If this all feels a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, we’re here to help. 利用 Tuesdays@的Tech by stopping by your local campus on any Tuesday to get personal support and guidance to complete your registration.

  • 在你的常春藤理工之旅中,你不会孤单. 相反,你会被……引导 你的顾问, who will meet with you to build your Academic Completion Plan. This will include determining which classes to take each semester. If you’re planning to transfer to a four-year university after finishing your Ivy Tech degree or certificate, 这将推动你的计划.


    你将直接与当地的顾问一起工作. 您将从登录开始 MyIvy, scroll to the QUICKLINKS section, and then click Schedule Appointment with 顾问. 你可以用这个 预约安排指南 获取分步说明. 的 建议清单 on page 2 of this document will give you a good idea of what to expect and how to be best prepared for your meeting.

  • Worrying about how you’ll pay your tuition should never keep you away from improving your career options with an Ivy Tech education. 有许多类型的 提供财政援助 to our students, and we want you to find the best fit for your situation. Getting 金融援助 can help you pay for college now and finish with little or no debt or a more manageable 付款计划.


    Ivy Tech offers students many ways to find 援助 that doesn’t have to be p援助 back. This gift 援助 includes grants, scholarships, and work study programs.

    • 奖助金 - A grant is tuition money given to students based on financial need.
    • 奖学金 - Ivy Tech offers hundreds of scholarships worth more than $7 million. 奖学金 are based on a number of factors, including financial need and/or academic achievement. 许多奖学金都与特定的校园挂钩. You must complete the FAFSA and fill out just one scholarship application per year.
    • 勤工俭学 - You have both federal and state work study programs to consider as a way to help pay for your education. 这需要你每周工作一定的时间.
    • 贷款 这是你从银行借的钱, 信用合作社, or other organization that you are required to pay back once you’re done with school. 的 payment you make back will be the amount loaned plus interest that is charged over the course of the loan.


    的 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student 援助) is the starting point for all 金融援助 opportunities, 而且你必须每年都填写. 其实填起来比你想象的要简单. 这一页将帮助你 know what information to gather and the steps to take when filling out the form.

  • To register for classes, you must already be accepted to Ivy Tech. 这是个好主意 你的顾问 在注册之前. 你可以 find the courses that best fit your life with our 安排施工, a tool in the MyIvy student portal that lets you easily search for the class you want. 当你准备好了,你就可以 从这里开始 关于注册课程. 如果你对这个过程有疑问,你可以 在这里找到很多答案.

    你也可以利用 Tuesdays@的Tech by stopping by your local campus on any Tuesday to get personal support and guidance to complete your registration.

  • 简单地说, MyIvy 你的学生门户有电子邮件吗, 课程注册, 成绩, 成绩单, 在线支付, 类交流, 大学事件, 以及其他学生服务. 的 first time you go to MyIvy, just click on “First Time User” to start the process (在这里查看完整的步骤).

    IvyLearn is the student portal to access your course information, 教学大纲, 以及在线课程. 在此了解更多关于 开始使用IvyLearn 在你第一堂课之前. You’ll find both portals will make your Ivy Tech experience easy to navigate.


  • 如你所知, 安排施工 在MyIvy is our tool that lets you easily search for the classes you want. 的 安排施工 provides you with dates and times of each course, 导师信息, and the course description so you have everything you need to make your semester schedule.

    When you’re ready to register for classes, it's a good idea to schedule a meeting with 你的顾问. 你的指导老师会确保你的学术计划步入正轨.

    你也可以利用 Tuesdays@的Tech by stopping by your local campus on any Tuesday to get personal support and guidance to complete your registration.

  • 提醒一下, MyIvy 你的学生门户有电子邮件吗, 课程注册, 成绩, 成绩单, 在线支付, 类交流, 学院活动和其他学生服务. 如果你刚刚开始在常春藤理工学院学习, 点击这里了解如何访问MyIvy.

    IvyLearn is Ivy Tech’s learning management system where you access your course information, 教学大纲, 以及在线课程. To get started successfully in an online course via IvyLearn, you need to do 三件事 至少在上课前一周.

  • Your 顾问 is available not just when you’re registering for classes but throughout the semester if you have questions or concerns. 你可以 与你的顾问会面 亲自,虚拟或电话. Remember that 你的顾问 helped you create your Academic Completion Plan. Check back on that to make sure it still includes your current goals. 如果你做出了改变,和你的顾问讨论一下.

  • 记住,你需要这样做 填写FAFSA表格 (Free Application for Federal Student 援助) each year, as well as the scholarship application. 然后你就可以在MyIvy上记录你的经济援助了. Your 金融援助 might include grants, scholarships, loans, and/or work study. 如果你不能一次性支付学费,你也可以 制定付款计划 在MyIvy.


  • Your transcript includes information about your attendance at Ivy Tech. 它包括你目前的学习计划, 常春藤理工学院授予的任何学位, 转学分和逐学期课程, 以及成绩和GPA信息.

    你可以索取你的成绩单 MyIvy. Once you log in, just select Browse Topics at the top of the page, select Academics & 建议 from the drop-down menu, and then select Request Official Transcripts. If you prefer, you can request your transcript by visiting your local 快速招生中心 or 注册处. 您可以要求邮寄或电子成绩单. 正式成绩单的费用是每份5美元.